Still in shape

November 27, 2017

We're still in shape today.

Woke up at 7am and already drawing and playing with Play-Doh. This time, the hospital theme because we were going to see our 2 favourite Mexican nurses at the clinic, near where we're going for oxygen. Lots of smiles, lots of kisses from Carolina and Blanca, and Blanca even made us a Nutella toast to make us happy!! 


November 26, 2017

A morning like we love them loaded in activities.

Much Better

November 26, 2017

We have been much better for the last 2 days with a lot more of energy so we could enjoy life again a bit more! We get shattered by the end of the afternoon though as naps are “useless” & “boring"

We spent some quality time with Sandy and some of the other DIPG families on Thursday late afternoon. It was lovely to see Annabelle and little Emma. We even met the new family from Thailand with their son Ken. 

A Little Better

November 22, 2017

Zoe seems to be getting better today, hopefully at least. She eats better and more. She seems to have lost a little confidence insisting on holding on to Mummy or Daddy's hand but good news - we want to draw again ( Treasure Map with Dad), create (Christmas activities with Mum), write (all alone!).


I hope we can come out soon for air and enjoy the beautiful weather, see and see all our friends. It's been ten days since we received our last treatment, which apparently contained a certain vaccine, hence the extreme fatigue of Zoe that we expected...

One day at a time... ❤️

Lacking Energy

November 21, 2017

We stay very tired. There are times when we have a little energy, but we often look forward to getting back on the couch to lie down, hoping that we will ever get more strength.

We found our pretty smile this morning.

We continue our oxygen sessions every morning.


November 19, 2017

We're so tired we want to go to bed without dinner (and because of appetite we just had some cereal).


Zoe " I make a wish, like in the Minions..."
Mum, " You want to tell me what your dream is?"
Zoe " That we stay together all life... I love you more than my bunnies... than my olives... and my coca cola...!! I love you with all my heart!" 

Good night sunshine! Sweet dreams!"

Mum "Good night my zozo, I love you, we love you! ❤️❤️"

Busy Working

November 18, 2017

We are slowly recovering from treatment. We stay very tired and have vomited during the day.  We stay home and rest. We have though been busy doing some school work.


We always love life so much! ❤️

Christmas Tree

November 17, 2017

Mexico is definitely full of surprises and  little Guardian Angels for Zoe and our little family.

As we will be home on 19 December, the family of Cordelia had offered to decorate a Christmas Tree... and yesterday afternoon, it's an army of girls (Ana,Bonnie) which is Come down to see us and organize everything... and the result is magical!!

Good times we shared with Sandy and her family! Thank you! 

PS. Decorate The Christmas tree in shorts and flip-flops, a first!


November 16, 2017

Today, we're better. We stay weak and tired, but we're happy again and we've got an appetite!

We had a lot of fun before we went back to the chamber with Dr. Sylvain We stayed in there an hour and a half. We were too busy looking at a film.


November 15, 2017

Today was our first oxygen session.  Initially Mum laid with Zoe but unfortunately she started to have a sore ear (which can happen) and so the session was paused so that Daddy could take over.  Most of the children treated seem have more trouble recovering from the treatment that Zoe had. Unfortunately she doesn't appear to be spared/ She has a high temperature at night and completely lethargic without any big appetite.  Hoping that she recovers soon.


November 13, 2017

Zoe's out, everything went well and we're now in the ICU.

We were able to see the doctors quickly and MRI results showed a reduction in the tumor!! Our doctors were happy!

Zoe's clinical condition on a daily basis shows that she still has trouble walking. Last week, for the first time, I even observed, the time of 2 minutes maybe (an eternity really...), the whole left side of his face would paralyse. It was a shock though thankfully Zoe didn't notice.

Anyway, we're not giving up anything and continuing the fight!! 

Thank you all for thinking about our little Zoe today!

Back In Mexico

November 13, 2017

We arrived safely and our friends Cordelia and her husband were here at the airport to welcome us They even bought us some shopping which was so appreciated as we moved into another apartment.

We arrived at the hospital for are next chemotherapy appointment. As usual, we will first pass through the hospital's "Bank Box" to pay the 9435.20 € of chemotherapy and the 3892.38 € of pre-procedure MRI fees and the hospital stay. As usual, we will also sign the document stating that any additional costs related to complications will be borne by us.

As usual, one of us will accompany Zoe to the MRI... she'll probably burst into tears when the nurse comes looking for us.

As usual, we will both be waiting for the 4 hours of procedure, capturing the results of this new MRI, before waiting for another 4 hours in the ICU and then finally joining a room and resting.

And as usual, we will need you, your prayers and your positive vibes!!


November 05, 2017

We will leave this Friday for Zoe's 7th chemotherapy visit.

This visit will be a little different to the others so far.  We will stay for at least 6 weeks and  other radiotherapy treatments will take place in a special glass chamber. Twenty-five to thirty treatments are recommended. Each session lasts 1 hour and  6 sessions per week, except on Sundays. There's a TV on top of the box and Zoe can watch a DVD all the time. Mum or Dad can even lie next to Zoe in the tank.

These treatments will start next Wednesday.

Clinic Visit

November 02, 2017

This morning we will have our monthly clinic visit around 11.30am...

Obviously, as we watched 101 Dalmatians this morning we will now be going to the hospital dressed up as Cruella DeVil.


October 31, 2017

We love Halloween and we get so excited every time!! Not that we are keen on the sweets, what we like is the fact we go out at night and again tonight was "The best night in the world!"

Again, after another half a day at school and by the time we went Trick or Treat we were too tired to really enjoy it to the full but it was nice still and we had fun!

Our adult fancy dress costumes especially the masks were a hit as we scared all the kids - we really scared them (and even made some parents laugh!)!

Willy Wonka

October 31, 2017

We went back to school with as much enthusiasm as yesterday

In the car...
Zoe " I don't want to change school... It's too good..."

It was exciting when we got there as we were greeted by Mr Wonka (and his chocolate factory).


School Please

October 30, 2017

Since we got back from Mexico, Zoe was badgering us to go back to school, morning and night.

It was difficult to send her because of fatigue and time-lag, then was posed the dilemma of our weak immune system and the germs we need to stay away from and whether or not we shall send Zoé to school.

So this morning we decided to go to school!! We had such a happy face and just couldn't wait to go!  If I could mum, I'd run to school in my pajamas!!", she said this morning.

" I'd like to go to school every day, even when it's half-term."


October 30, 2017

On Saturday afternoon we went to watch Daddy's game but Daddy's team lost and he was not very happy.


We hadn't been in a very long time and everybody was very happy to see us again after such a long time and to see we were well. It was nice to see everyone there again but we doubt we will be going again though as whether it was the buzzer, the music, it was all too loud for Zoé and her little head and she complained several times.

However on Sunday we went to a party and the music wasn't too loud and Zoe had such a lovely time.



October 28, 2017

Friday afternoon was such a beautiful day we craved going out as we had been indoors mostly since we returned from Mexico.

We decided to go crabbing. It was a success and so much fun with our crazy friends!

Half- Term Fun

October 26, 2017

We continue making the most of half term seeing our friends.

We hadn't played with children of our age in a long time and I think we had forgotten how energetic all 6 years old are and how slower and quieter Zoe is compared to them. Sometimes she found it hard to keep up, and we get quite tired already after a couple of hours' play or just being out of the house, and we ask to watch another DVD, and even go to bed if late afternoon.

And yet we are so happy to see everyone again. 

We remain cheerful, gentle, caring, smiley, and polite. We even share again (most of the time). and all those things are certainly positive.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend our good friend Julia's Halloween Party along with our other school friends Madison, Grace and Emily. Thank you Monika for the terrific time we had! Zoé even let mummy go home whilst she was having fun, which hardly happens as mummy has spent every single day with her since diagnosis 17 months ago..

Today we had lunch followed with a cinema session at ours with our other good friend Izzy. That was before we became magicians.

Every good friend who plays with us is so patient and understanding with us it's like they know everything...

We also had a quick visit from Auntie Helen late afternoon, which was really nice.


Having company makes us happy! 



October 23, 2017

Some big thanks are owed to some special people for their help lately.

Thank you to all of you for organising events for us and of course to all the generous donors who contributed to those whopping amounts collected for Zoe's treatments!!

Catching Up

October 23, 2017

This week is half-term so we try and catch up with some of our friends as it seems like we haven't seen them in such a long time.

It's such a wonderful feeling when we see your little cheerful personality is back and you ask us every day to go to school (even when it's half-term) and when you ask us to go out and meet people.

You leave a little sparkle everywhere we go Zoé and we absolutely love it seeing you happy and in such a good company (yesterday with your little Fabi and today with Izzy). You are our Little Miss Sunshine Zoé and you make our hearts smile.


Guardian Angels

October 20, 2017

Some memories of our recent trip and reuniting with our guardian angels.

Postal Delivery

October 19, 2017

The Indee Rose Trust is a UK registered charity which helps support children who have been diagnosed with brain or spinal tumours by creating smiles and making happy memories.
Another beautiful caring trust, this one run by lovely Jane Allen who has granted all of Zoé's wishes! Thank you so much for being there for us and spoiling our little Zoé!!

The week before we went to Mexico again, they kindly and generously sent out Treasures Boxes to Zoé and she was ecstatic!!

We realise it's a lot of presents. But presents are not for us they are for Zoé and seeing her happy makes us happy. She deserves the world.

I will never stop saying how thankful and how grateful we are for such generosity, kindness and love towards Zoé and us. We’ve had so much support in a lot of ways since diagnosis day, it’s just unbelievable and beyond words.

It feels like our little Zoé is very special to many many people everywhere we go and this melts our hearts every time.

Today we received again, but I know one day we will give.

Jet Lag

October 17, 2017

Because of the jet lag we woke up at midnight and couldn't go back to sleep so we decided to go to the 1am cinema session downstairs and watch Nanny McPhee. Before we go back to sleep hopefully.

Not only have you stolen our hearts Mexico but you have also made us go gaga!!

Homeward Bound

October 16, 2017

On our way home hoping Daddy hasn't eaten all of the olives.

Birthday Parties

October 15, 2017

On Friday evening our “Big Sister” Ana celebrated her 14th birthday with a proper party held at her place and we were invited!  Zoé was so excited she begged me to attend the party, she was so desperate, how could I say no to her? Of course, we did! 

When the dancing started they alll gathered around her and danced with her. "It's the best evening in the world mummy!" It was beautiful.

As I watched them all, I got emotional as I could not help but imagine my little Zoé a few years older, looking just as stunning as those girls, at her Prom.

“We can’t always choose the music life plays for us but we can choose how to dance to it…“ And tonight we danced amazingly.

Princesses Meeting Our Princess

October 14, 2017

Princess Rapunzel and Alice visited us for an hour.

What a lovely surprise it was. So thoughtful of Cordelia and her family. We are so spoilt, and certainly very lucky in every way.

Of course you don't meet up with Rapunzel and Alice every day but those moments are even more special for us as they create more memories. Going for treatment in Mexico is one thing but being able to spend quality time with lovely caring people and enjoy Mexican life before and after the treatment is beyond words and I'm so grateful.  All week, it really felt like Zoé was a Princess and I was the Queen. Thank you for making of our trip a proper holiday. Thank you for those nearly 10 amazing days spent with you all. Thank you for making our lives easier, special, but also "normal" in a way... A big thank-you to your whole family for everything! 

I'd also like to thank David and his family who slightly extended our stay when booking our flights, which enabled Zoé to rest more, but we could also do and see more.

I nearly forgot the quote of the day... "I really am a celebrity!" Sure you are Zoé 

Catching Up

October 13, 2017

Today was such a lovely day.

We went to see our lovely friends Sandy/Henry/ Annabelle/Alyssa for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Our other friends drove all the way from Saltillo to see us, which was lovely of them. We all had such a fabulous time.

I wish we could have seen all our other friends such as Ale/Tony, Carol/Hugo, Ale/Luis, Yang, Anastasia/Costa, Naomi, etc. but our stay is way too short, we are sorry! 

Good Morning

October 12, 2017

Good Morning Everyone

Sleepy Head and Tooth Fairy

October 12, 2017

We were so tired yesterday but with a huge appetite. It was so beautiful to see - " I'm so hungry I could eat an elephant!" and that's what happened! 

One tooth less yesterday, upstairs, yet another and already number 7!! We were too proud to show it to everyone.

The sleeping bag that Blanca, Cordelia's mum, gave us also contributed to our good night.

Doctor Zoe

October 11, 2017

We were exhausted when we came back from the hospital so we had a very long nap

We quickly woke up when Ana arrived home from school as it was her birthday. We were happy to see the world, especially when Doctor Bari came to play.

Cordelia played a trick on Mummy though as she served spicy pea puree.

In bed early for a good night rest.

Long Live Life

October 10, 2017

We're awake and feeling good.

This morning, we're in a good mood too, even though I've already heard " I don't have hospitals...", they bother me and they give me grief.

We're watching a DVD waiting for our breakfast: we're hungry and that's always good sign!

We are staying with some lovely kind friends whilst here. Let the strength stay with us and the good times endure!

Long live life!

Well After Treatment

October 09, 2017

We went to the hospital for our sixth treatment. Everything went well After 3 hours waiting for the end of the procedure, 4 hours in intensive care and we are finally in our room.

The MRI shows no decrease but it doesn't show progression either according to doctors, no changes in images since the MRI of 5 September.

Positive news even if they do not explain or reflects Zoe's difficulties walking.

Our follow-up visit tomorrow with the doctors will determine the follow-up and confirm the date of 13 November for our 7th treatment of possibly sooner if needed.

Thank you for your prayers and all your messages. They are so important to us.

We have arrived

October 06, 2017

We have arrived in Monterrey. We were very excited to see Cordelia and her family again. We rested today just playing games.  Zoe had a lovely time and is treated like a Princess (and so is her Mum).  We even had a Coca-Cola.

No little siesta but Zoe slept well at night.



October 05, 2017

Zoe was excited today to be going on holiday again which makes it so much easier to leave.

Zoe knows we're going back to Mexico to "stay in the hospital". She knows she won't get all the shots she normally has in preparation for radiotherapy and it seems to reassure her. She also knows that we'll stay with our friend Cordelia and her family and she's happy, and so am I.

The treatment will be Tuesday, October 10th at 9 pm for the day, and if everything goes well we should get out of the hospital the next day... we will fly back on October 15 to arrive in the UK on the 16th.

If we plan to rest a maximum, we hope to be able to see our friends from summer  Even if it's only for a few minutes and just for hugs. We hope, of course, also to see our little guardian angels Deborah and André-Pierre.

Dad is sad because he would have liked to come with us.

Super Girl

October 02, 2017

This morning we had a special visit to come to the rescue of dad who dropped his cereal.  Zoe arranged for Super Girl to call with her broom.

This afternoon, we went to the doctors to check that Zoe was fit to travel on Friday as she is having problems shifting her cold. Zoe ,despite this, is in good spirits for her visit smiling and sociable. The doctor gave us the green light to travel.

You Smile We All Smile

September 30, 2017

Zoe is still not as well as she was in Mexico but her morale is still there!! Even if we're still a little stressed out and we burst into tears at the drop of a hat... we're happy and we want to enjoy life, Go to school, see our friends, see the world ! Again in June, we hated school and we didn't want to see any friends in case they were took our toys. 

Friday morning we went back to school, three mornings this week, wow! 

Today we stayed home because we had again a runny nose. As we have to be in shape to go back to Mexico with on Friday ready for my next chemo treatment on Tuesday October 10th.

So Zoe asked to make the good chocolate cake we do all the time, it's been a long time since she wanted to make it.

Oh and we nearly forgot Zoe lost another tooth. Lily Rose, her English fairy, even left her a note


September 30, 2017

 So we were looking for someone for a little publicity and  boosting the reach of our fundraising and perhaps someone famous.

At the end of June, we were discussing with Sylvain and I asked him who we might be questioning... " There is André-Pierre Gignac who plays in Monterrey " " Who is this...?" 


A post on Facebook with over 25000 shares, the same post on Twitter, friends of friends, loved ones, colleagues who talk to him, and his wife Deborah answered us a month later.

So André-Pierre family and friends have been wonderful since our first meeting on the 27 July. Involving us in outings and sharing time with us. This connection led to a fundraising event raising not only funds but important awareness of DIPG. There was an auction of items from world class sportsmen.

We were , however, unprepared for the generosity of people attending. it is with shock and lots of emotion that we announce that the amazing amount of £212,000 was raised.


Solidarity and their great heart do not stop there... if this event was in honour of our little Zoe, Deborah and André-Pierre also hope to raise awareness of this disease but also collect further funds and thus help others families who are  in Monterrey. An event is expected to take place soon. 


Our Mexican doctors were also invited to the evening, with the aim of developing a medical program accessible to all countries and working in collaboration with professors and oncologists from around the world.


Thank you once again to all involved. Thanks also to all of you who follow us, support, help, thank you to all this beautiful solidarity that has been orchestrated and will have allowed all these lovely dreams for Zoe and recently our departure to Mexico and the funding of our first 5 treatments. It would never have been possible without all your help.


Zoe's fight continues for us and it's still a fight every day with days more difficult than others.  If it is, of course, a real relief for us to have the necessary funds to continue our fight and to finance our future treatments for some time.

Please click here for our full story.

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