Keeping In Shape

July 29, 2018

We have enough shape right now. We only get out very rarely because of the heat except for the pool we enjoy fully because its excellent for everyone especially for Zoe who is working a little more lately (even though at her pace but it remains positive)! 

We went for a ride to the mountains. Dad and Zoe even had fun on the big slide!!

We also continue our manual activities in the morning, it's always good sign when Zoe asks to paint, draw, write, etc.

Sending Kisses

July 27, 2018

Our little Princess, who still doesn't sleep, sends lots of kisses.

Allez Les Bleus

July 14, 2018

A day finally very productive on our side with a Zoe surprisingly in post-treatment form, providing it lasts

First, with this world cup victory, even if it didn't really interest everyone... 😂 while all French and English have beer, Mexico obliges, with tacos and breads and Chocolate... 😀😉

And then, a beautiful drawing, hoping dad will come add to zozo and me (I let you guess who is who 😊)...


A little pool...

And to finish, we started a book at Zoe's request, entitled "little teddy bear doesn't want to eat his soup"...

" Mom, there are artists?"
" because when I grow up, I was well being an artist." 😔💖

It's always good sign all these activities, it means we're going "well"... ❤️ obviously, at 19, we were cooked, 5 minutes in bed and we were asleep already...

But that was a day like we love them!


July 14, 2018

We are slowly recovering from our treatment. We snatch naps and around 6 pm Zoe can no longer stay awake and asks to go to bed, without even eating, and of course, she will be awake at 3 am hungry, but happy, so much ...


Our Princess

July 13, 2018

We continue our routines and have obviously decorated our princess's room the time of our stay... and asked the paramedic to make the siren sound to make her laugh...

Our Princess who knows her princesses well and says if our Vietnamese friend Sandy was a princess it would be Mulan... a very pretty princess by the way 😉

Our Princess who was astonished at the fact that there's only her name on her hospital bracelet and not "Princess Zoe Donneaud"

Our Princess who refuses to wear a hospital shirt with dinosaurs preferring the one with stars...

Our Princess who almost had to argue with our sweet nurse because of her incessant comings and goings to check that Zoe responds well to treatment... " well, that's when I can sleep..."

Our Princess who is helping our nurse by putting her bandage on her finger, without being asked...

Our Princess who doesn't like hospitals anymore and wants to go home and take a bath, because she's gonna "stink" after staying in the hospital...

Our Princess who understands that faster she sleeps and faster it will be in the morning and she will go home...

Our Princess who often asks when treatments will end...

Our Princess who remains sweet and loving daily...
And sleep now peacefully...

Our princess that we love so much...

Un Pain Au Chocolat

July 10, 2018

Zoe's out. She's fine and she has already ate some chocolate bread.


July 10, 2018

Our tumor is stable according to our MRI today, that's what we were hoping for...
A huge thank you to everyone who will have thought of Zoe and prayed for her today! 😘❤️

Tomorrow will be his second treatment and we will still need you. 

That everything is going well and Zoe's health continues as well and as long as possible 🙏🙏🙏


July 09, 2018

The princess of Mexico came back! It was this afternoon after passing the Mexican border...

We're back from our little weekend escape. We took advantage of it, we had fun together. We were good. We would have really believed on holiday at the sea with this very special smell that reminded us so many memories of our holiday in Normandy every summer since Zoe's birth. It will have done us a lot of good, thanks again to our friends and their kindness to us. ❤️

Tomorrow, it will be the reality that catches us with our MRI. As usual, we'll have to be fasting without eating since 6 a.m. and without drinking for 8 hours. Hoping there will be no delay. We have only told Zoe today so that we do not stress her more. And certainly, too, we can relax a little ourselves because it doesn't get easier with time, on the contrary. 
As usual, if you can think and pray for Zoe and our little family, we need it so much... 🙏


July 06, 2018

When pictures speak louder than words..


July 06, 2018

It would have taken much more than torrential rains and an hour stop at US Customs on the road to make us renounce our little paradise weekend with our little Mexican family! 

A little tired, it will finally be after dinner that we will have bathed in a warmer sea than in Mediterranean. Zoe was dreaming of bathing at night, and it's done and she's gonna have a blast!

Another beautiful day in excellent company!


July 05, 2018

Zozo's suitcase is ready. But tomorrow, it's not going to the hospital but to the sea, a few hours on the American side, weekend time. Cordelia and her family, in the big heart, are going there and offered to take us there, and we are all looking forward to it.

We'll come back Monday. Time to undo the suitcase to redo it right after, replace bathing suit for medical records, for an MRI Tuesday and our 13th treatment on Wednesday.

So we expect to enjoy these 4 days of real holidays all together, hoping they pass as slowly as possible and our Zozo is sufficiently fit to burst, and we with her.


July 02, 2018

Zoe hates having hair tied up, it's well known... it's not a whim, it's totally OCD, or even a phobia given the reaction and state of anguish.

So today, see our Princess with the face clear and like that all afternoon was almost a miracle! It was priceless!! Finally almost, it will still cost us a toy a little bigger after our next treatment...  but she has agreed that we can do it again tomorrow for free


July 01, 2018

Zoe stays in shape in the last few days, so we're enjoying it. Our days are long and well filled. We are well aware of this chance that we have that Zoe is sufficiently fit to enjoy the days and life between each treatment, this precious respite that it offers and that it unfortunately does not offer everybody.

We are also aware of the chance we have not to find ourselves alone in Mexico. We are well surrounded, which we know is also a "Luxury" in the disease. Many families around us regularly ask for Zoe's news and make sure we don't miss anything. It's beautiful that kindness around us, all that love for Zoe and our family, because yes, it must be love to always want to take so much care of us.

Fun With A Slide

June 28, 2018

Zoe goes pretty well even though she's still walking very little since her last treatment. This morning, Dad and Zoe joined Mum and Cordelia in the mountain after their little walk. It was really nice and the stunning view. We took Zozo's aperitif and we made a slide on a piece of cardboard, that was so funny! And after,  the pool, because this also is funny and it stays great for my legs!

Day Out

June 25, 2018

Today was special as we went out to the local city of Santiago for most of the day since it wasn't so hot outside.

Our good friend (or cousin when we visit the hospital...) Cordelia came with us, which was lovely as that made Zoé (and us) very happy! Plus it gave our limited Spanish a break with her translating everything and speaking to everyone, and even negotiating where necessary as we obviously are an easy target with us looking like proper tourists 

We had a lovely time all together and of course we made more memories with more pictures -
It's not every day that you ride a horse to go and see waterfalls, is it? We were pleasantly surprised Zoé accepted to mount the horse as it's pretty high and well, pretty impressive too I suppose. If she used to be like a Tomboy when little, she is definitely a Princess now... BUT she did it! 👏 And as if we hadn't done enough in Santiago, we went swimming after Zoé recharged her batteries with a long nap in the car... And now we are obviously tired


June 24, 2018

It's a month already that we have been in Mexico.

We send you a kiss to you who follow us and support to thank you, and we even made the pose


June 22, 2018

I wonder what Zoe knows and understands of her illness now that she is 7. She's stressing out for nothing, whether a blister on her foot or even a mosquito bite which doesn't leave. And she yet again reminded us that we were not here in Mexico on holiday but for treatments, to give her strength in her legs, eyes, and reduce her headaches... I wonder what she thinks.

And here tonight, as we fall asleep, I feel her shaking and then she asks me " Mum, when I grow up, you'll still be there?"

And here my heart is hugging, my breath is cut while my eyes fill with tears and I reply "Of course I will always be near you..." before squeezing her hard to reassure her, but certainly also to fill the lack of words that don't come..."

Fathers Day

June 18, 2018

With Zoé recovering day after day since her last treatment we managed to really enjoy the last few days as we could do more things. No more diarrhoea and we have our appetite back. 🙏 We still moan a lot but we also laugh a lot.

Thanks to Cordelia's mum Blanca and their family we celebrated Father’s Day properly all together on Saturday. And then on Sunday the three of us went out for a French pancake, which was also very nice. 

We have also been enjoying the pool a lot, which is very good again for our little legs. The best part was when Annabelle’s sister Alyssa joined us with her mummy one day and then her daddy the following day. It was so much fun to have a little friend to play with. We hope they can come again as it felt a bit like last year..., although we missed Annabelle obviously.

Zoé found a feather in the pool. She picked it up and as she put it under her hat by the pool she told me “it will make memories…” It hurt again

We also draw and write a lot, which means Zoé is well as she only wants to do it and can do it when she is well and not too tired.


June 17, 2018

We are so happy we don't have to stay any longer in bed!!

We are recovering well from our last treatment 10 days ago. We ate very well yesterday and we were active. We are still not walking much but hopefully it comes soon... We're also going to have to work on our patience as it's not easy to live with a 7-year-old Princess...


June 15, 2018

Some news from Zoe. Zoe's slowly recovering from her treatment last Thursday. Very tired the first days but she takes to her drawing activities and even made her 100-Piece Princess Puzzle, something she hadn't done for a while. Her upset tummy seems to go much better even if she lacks appetite, high heat doesn't help.
We're going to the pool, an excellent exercise for Zoe who makes her legs work. Indeed, we are still walking very few weeks after each treatment. We always remain very sensitive, anxious and often upset, but once the storm passed we find our sweetness...


June 09, 2018

We are very tired from our treatment but we seem well overall. But we are grumpy at the moment as we are weak and still have lots of medication to take throughout the day. We slept nearly all day on and off yesterday eating just enough to keep us through the day (but drinking loads) as we felt exhausted. We even asked to go to bed and fell asleep.

But being an ''owl" like Zoé says, she woke up at 4.30am as we were hungry!! And there she was happy and full of beans!! 😁❤️

We are now awake. She seems to be better than yesterday although still very tired... And not grumpy yet...


June 07, 2018

If Zoe was particularly weak and tired yesterday, she'd have slept almost nonstop since her intervention and seems this morning more alert and in better shape.


June 06, 2018

Zoe found her room. A little dodo before eating, hoping she'll be as hungry as thirsty! Thank you all for your prayers ❤️.

Out Of Theatre

June 06, 2018

Finally taken at 11 We're waiting for Zoe to get out of surgery...

This morning we were angry and very stressed. " I want to be free... drugs, hospital, etc. It's when we're gonna stop?"

And it was already 27.5°C Barely 9 h10 and we had to be fasting and we were so thirsty...


June 06, 2018

omorrow Zoe will receive her 12th intra-arterial chemo treatment, which was scheduled last Wednesday but we pushed and replaced with an angiogram.

It's fast, sure, with the groin wound still bruise from angiography. Ideally we would have wanted to wait a bit but we are already at 7 weeks since our last treatment against the 5-6 normally recommended, and we know that too good that we should not doze off and leave no chance at That Monster of gitc and react when we can / feel. Besides, Zoe's little body seems to remind us of the order: She's extremely tired in the last few days and has a lot of trouble talking and making it understand...

We would like to see this umpteenth treatment as much as necessary. This treatment that is not treatment of healing but which makes us beautiful and much time while bringing us also a certain quality of life, a luxury for the.

After little American Addy joy last week, it was little Belgian Max who left us this morning. He also received treatment at Monterrey. He also knew him and his family. What can I say? We miss words. What more do you want? One less child. One more angel. Seeing all our children disappear one to one after others you systematically hour morale and break a little more heart. Every morning we always apprehend to watch his phone of fear that someone else is gone... if i try to take advantage of every good moment that is offered me with Zoe, he keeps me forgetting what it is Is to have a light heart and a quiet mind. Because living with the is living with a sword of damocles over the head constantly. It's living in fear constantly.

Zoe knows we'll be back tomorrow at the hospital. The more she grows and the more she hates it. But she knows it's the only means for her to regain strength in her legs or arms. Brave our kitty.

Princesses looking over us

May 31, 2018

Zoe is awake following more treatment but she is in shape despite this.

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