Back Out

July 31, 2017

We cried a lot, we were very scared, we were very upset........

" I'm scared... I'm sick of this hospital... they look after me  all wrong... I'm scared... I'm tired of this holiday, it sucks... I prefer England... I'm afraid..."

Luckily, we were also hungry and Zoe ate her cereal very well. We find our morale little by little with the help of a DVD and big cuddles.


July 31, 2017

We were in a good mood this morning and not too stressed because of a little wait. Zoe has been there for about an hour...we wait patiently.

Is It Going To Be OK?

July 31, 2017

Second day of mild chemo finished (always easier than the first), Zoe will get an MRI at 10 pm tomorrow and will receive her 3rd treatment of Chemo IA and her 2nd Immuntherapy

Then we'll spend 4 hours in intensive care, after which we'll get in a room to spend the night hoping to come out the next day around 2pm.

Tonight we dined with our friends Sandy, Annabelle, as well as her husband and her other daughter who have recently arrived from Australia. There was also Kaleigh and her family, back in Mexico, but also little Emma and her family. We had a lovely time together.

For the first time, Zoe asked us several times tonight " It's gonna be okay?"

Whether it's the first or third treatment, stress is always there for Zoe and for us.


Of course it's gonna be okay

Treat Every Day As A Gift

July 29, 2017

We spent the day at the Zoo.

If every day is a gift and we have taken full advantage of the 435 days post-diagnostic that life has offered us, these days remain special and rich in emotions.


Little human moments that make us forget reality.

Another wonderful day.

This morning, it's back to the clinic for mild chemo. Once again Zoe needed a little reassurance especially as we had to wait a little longer than expected and we will have to go back tomorrow morning for our second session before our third intra-arterial chemo treatment and second immuntherapy on Tuesday morning.


 It is difficult both emotionally and physically for all of us.

Look At That Smile

July 28, 2017

No words are needed :-).

Read All About It

July 27, 2017

The Daily Mirror kindly run a piece on our Princess today. You can read the article by clicking here.

On A Little Cloud

July 27, 2017

One word - WOW. This is the day when we met Andre Pierre Gignac. We went to see him training. What a kind and generous man.  

What a wonderful day with wonderful people, so nice, generous and  so humble. We're still on our little cloud.

Thank you all for your solidarity without which we wouldn't have had such a wonderful meeting with a man with such a huge heart

Spanish Writing

July 26, 2017

Our normal little swim this morning and then being very serious with our writing - in Spanish.

Quote today -

Papa - "Zoe, are you okay? You see my head once or twice?"
Zoe  -" Once but I see two eyes!" 

It went well

July 25, 2017

It all went well this morning and Zoe only needed a little reassurance

We quickly regained strength, Even after being woken up and looking her Mum right in the eye and said "Hey I'm looking to get out of this nap " ;-)

The pool was fixed when we arrived home and we enjoyed seeing our friends.

Think of me

July 24, 2017

Tomorrow morning, we will go to the clinic for the 150ml of blood needed for our 2nd immunotherapy and our 3rd intra-arterial chemo which is due on the 1 August.

Zoe seems more relaxed because she knows she'll be asleep in the mask and that everything will be over when she wakes up. We can take our cereal and then we can go home...

Zoe wanted to say thank you all for you support before she went to sleep tonight.

"Hello ladies... , well, not ladies really but, hello! It's me, Zoé and tomorrow I will go to the hospital again. But I'm not afraid as the nurses are very kind... And I'm going to sleep anyway so I won't feel anything... I send you lots of kisses and could you think of me please? Xxx"

Another wonderful day

July 22, 2017

Another wonderful day full of laughter and smiles with Annabelle and Sandy; we don't get tired!

Funny phrases

July 21, 2017

Today was a quiet day. A little snooze, swimming in the pool and a play date with Annabelle. 

Not to mention all our funny little phrases...!!

Dad, " Zoe, we're gonna see some baseball after lunch and we're having a little coke?"
Zoe: " this is the best suggestion dad!" 
And on the way... " it's a beautiful day!" 

- " Mummy when I grow up I'll visit you every day..." 

- " Mum, have you ever seen mermaids on whales?" 

- " Mum, how do you know if you have a big tummy because you're expecting a baby or because you ate too much..." 

- " and how do you know you're in love?" " because I have little butterflies in my belly!" 

- " say hello to Uber driver Mario Zoe..."
"Mario bros"? 

- " say hello to Christopher Zoe..."
"Christopher Rabbit... ?" 😂

- " and why don't they eat you mosquitoes?"
" because I have an olive skin..."

Pizza Delivery

July 20, 2017

Another visit to Kidzania and so much more fun when we are in shape. We worked at making pizzas for Dominos, shop keeping, helping out at the pharmacists, being a policewoman and even went to prison!

Tooth Fairy

July 18, 2017

Finally, that's it, our wobbly tooth fell out.


All day we heard " Mum, you can look at my tooth?". We carried a  little bottle around just in case it fell out. But when Zoe was cleaning her teeth she pulled out her tooth herself. Unfortunately it slipped onto the floor and disappeared!


Flashlight in one hand and nail file in the other we found it.

Little Mexican Princess

July 17, 2017

What a joy to be in shape, it's so fun. A little trip to the shops where we had enough strength to push our own stroller and Pimpinou. We found a little Mexican dress for our Princess, a little nap, the pool with our friends Annabelle and Sandy. A good time.

And another tooth that should fall soon...

Little Fish

July 16, 2017

We were still in shape today and filled with activities. Including a nap which will certainly help. Drawing, nap, swimming pool with Sandy and Annabelle and walk to the park.


July 15, 2017

We had the pleasure of hearing our Princess singing today. It's been a long time since we heard that beautiful sound.  She is still so tired but we try and keep her awake so that she sleeps properly at night. Though there is a lot of yawning during the day. We are meeting up with Annabelle and Sandy later.

Funny moments today -

Mum "You look like you have crocodile teeth Zoe"

Zoe "What - I am not Inspector Gadget"

Disney On Ice

July 13, 2017

Disney On Ice was such a lovely show!


A massive thank you to Dayana and her mum Julia for taking us today. It was truly an amazing experience! Anything Disney we just love but we had never seen anything like that and  we were so impressed!! Look at that smile everyone!!


July 13, 2017

Zoe is very much on form today with her quotes and it still only 9.20am

" I would need a fairy in my head to take away everything that worries me..." 😯

Dad: " Have I got  battery left on my phone?"
Zoe: " Yes, dad..."
Mom: " How do you know, we can't see?"
Zoe: " Because I have memory...!" 😂

Pancakes and Friends

July 12, 2017

We were all ready early this morning. After a little impromptu photo shoot, we went to the Barbers for Daddy and Annabelle and Sandy came later to eat pancakes for a snack. Yummy.


We had a great time together though Zoe less so as she felt very tired. Doctors say it's normal a week after treatment. Tonight it's Sandy who thought of us and cooked  an Asian meal. We even had "take-aways" Such a lovely time.


Tomorrow, it will be rest until 4pm, after which we will "party" because our friends Dayana and Julia are taking us to see Disney On Ice in Monterrey, together with Annabelle and Sandy.


Thank you Girls, we're too excited!!

Why is Santa old and doesn't go to the moon?

July 11, 2017

It's been a month since we arrived in Mexico. It's amazing how time has passed but we are now settled.

This morning, it was the big clean up for our Princess who still hates showers so much! But it is necessary with the load of sticky remains from the bandages.

Zoe still complains about little headaches after her second treatment, but luckily they don't last and it's one of the side effects. Otherwise she's still tired but has more energy each day together with a greater appetite.

There's no swimming today as it is rainy and cloudy. We have had an excellant afternoon as we caught up with Zoe's friend Annabelle and her mum Sandy. It is so lovely to have a chat.

Our Zoe is keeping us entertained with her funny phrases.

- " Why is Santa old and doesn't go to the moon?"
-  At the time of removing the sticky residue, Zoe talks to herself: " Come on Zoe, don't be afraid, you're strong..."


We all know she is.


July 10, 2017

Zoe is getting better each day. Short headaches but no back pain. She is still very tired, but she still had a great meal at every meal! It's a good job we have a large bed especially when our little starfish is there.

We have rested a lot more today and thus regained strength and, of course, it is when we leave for our 16-hour follow-up to the clinic that she fell asleep!

It is a bit of a longer wait as Dr. García was in an emergency. Fortunately, we had a good company with some other DIPG families.

Puzzle Update

July 08, 2017

Do you remember the princess puzzle of over 100 pieces? Well, we did it all by ourselves this morning, without Mummy's help that was right there watching her little Zoe!

Bravo Champion!

We went out to Monterrey with friend Annabelle and her Mummy, Sandy to go to a big carnival.   Unfortunately we started to have a bad back (which is one of the possible side effects of the interventions) and so had to cut short out time out.

Tomorrow, if we're in shape, it'll be a pool. Otherwise, we can always go home and rest because it's not far. We hope our friends Annabelle and Sandy will be here too, that would be good!


July 07, 2017

We are apprenhensive that the nurses will come to take out our plasters and infusions. Zoe hates this the most as we have it everywhere and it sticks hard. We cry because it rips off our hairs. We are always afraid that the nurses will be "Bruce" ( not Willis but brusque :-)).  


We finally left the hospital at 2pm, right after lunch. Super nice Dr. Nestor gave a hug to Pimpinou and Nurse Athuro who had to drive us to the door of our Uber. We were happy to be driving in a wheelchair because we "love to be like a grandma"! 

I was promised a little toy for all the misery I've had in the last 3 days, so I picked a stuffed animal. You will see it soon in pictures. We were so tired that we fell asleep on the way back. Time to eat and we were already asleep in bed.

Tomorrow is quiet, we rest. We hope to bathe in the pool in the afternoon, hoping that Annabelle will join us.

Thank you for all the messages and thoughts that we are receiving.

Cuddles With My Bears and Olives

July 05, 2017

Zoe wakes up slowly and takes up strength...

Small Quotes on waking:

" Watch my dress, I love it! (= hospital gown)
" I love nappies! "
" I still have my hair?"
" Is this gonna rip my hair off?
" Do you have any... What's it called again? Ha yes, olives!" 

After our cereal..., our olives! There's no time for cocktails! We're hungry!

Thank you for all your support and messages.


Waiting Patiently

July 05, 2017

Up early this morning at six o'clock. We head to the hospital for a new MRI, 2nd chemotherapy and our first immunotherapy. A stay of a day and a half. Zoe is reassured that she will just fall asleep with a mask as usual and she won't see and feel anything. She is afraid that she won't have her cereal when she wakes up.

We hope that we do not wait too long because Zoe's hungry and we have to be patient. 

UPDATE - Zoe is in the recovery room.  We have seen the doctors and they have compared the MRI results of the 13 June with today. We can already see a positive result from the treatments so far.


Another visit

July 04, 2017

Another low dose of chemotherapy today before tomorrows intra-arterial chemo and our first immunotherapy.

Our Little Champion

July 03, 2017

Our visit today, against all the odds, went very well.Zoe was a litte scared but didn`t move.


We tell you everyday our Princess but you really are a champion!

And now we wait and watch Bernard and Bianca. We'll be done in 3 hours!


July 02, 2017

We have itemised the treatment costs that the Mexican hospital are charging. This is without our normal living costs, travel and accommodation. Every amount donated counts.

Please click here for further details.

Catching Up With New Friends

July 01, 2017

We haven't stopped since we moved in to our new apartment  and it's been so much fun!!

On Saturday, we met up with our new DIPG family as we went to see Auntie Sandy and friend Annabelle at their flat just a few steps away from us. There were also Auntie Yang & Uncle Scott Kaleigh & Carson together with Auntie Dayana & her mum Julia. We had such fun playing Memory and Dobble.  Sandy made us all a lovely dinner and adults could talk whilst the kids were playing, it was just perfect!

Kaleigh's family will be going back to the UK on Thursday as they have completed their first part of the treatment with 5 IA chemo and 4 immuntherapies. It seems surreal as we have been following their journey in Mexico from Day 1 from England, we are now there in Monterrey ourselves and they will be leaving soon.


We will miss you guys!

Today we will just take it easy as tomorrow we will be going to the clinic for our first day of low dosage chemotherapy. Not as fun but necessary.

Back To Hospital

June 28, 2017

Back to the hospital and once again under general anesthetic.  Zoe showed some anxiety but Dr Eric is super nice and speaks English.  However a little traumatic for Zoe when the mask was used.  We now have the 150ml of blood needed for next week.

A restful afternoon in front of the Disney channel. Repacking for us as we have another apartment to go to tomorrow. It has less noisy air conditioning, more space and the best part - a swimming pool.

First Consultation

June 27, 2017

This is our first consultation since the chemotherapy last week. The doctors were happy to see that Zoe is in shape. Her coordination has improved, she speaks better, nausea is missing and that she speaks better and more. This is also combined with the fact that she has got an appetite.

We have noticed changes as well which are not apparent to others.  Zoe is going alone to the toilet and is able to take a shower without the support of a chair.  So positive news.

Tomorrow will be less fun as bloods need to be taken under general anesthesia in preparation for treatment on 6 July.  This will include the first immunotherapy and second chemotherapy. 


Of course, we are apprehensive, but we don't have a choice, and then we hope it's even more positive news.

Puzzle Pieces

June 26, 2017

Our little Princess is still making positive progress.


A hundred piece jigsaw puzzle today and a little more appetite. A lemon juice this morning, olives (of course), fish with lemon, 5 cherry tomatoes, a good piece of Camembert and  two cookies.


Great work!

Still In Shape

June 25, 2017

Today, Zoe was still in shape, even though she seemed to have some headaches since yesterday. We were told to expect this following her treatment.


June 21, 2017

We rest from this heat before we go to the clinic for a follow-up appointment.

A New Pilot

June 21, 2017

Enjoying our time at Kidzania meeting other DIPG families

Meeting The Other DIPG Fighters in Mexico

June 21, 2017

This is a very moving moment to meet all those families who lead the same fight.


English, Scots, Americans, Australians, Belgians, Norwegians, French. DIPG spares no-one


Nice encounters today and I hope beautiful budding friendships.


June 19, 2017

This is it, here we are in our new apartment. Our suitcases are unpacked, we almost feel at home!
The Crossing of the city went very well thanks to our Mexican friend Javier, an Uber driver that we met at the airport on the day of our arrival and who we immediately befriended.

Tomorrow we'll go to Kidzania, the equivalent of Tots City in England. We will find the family of little Kaleigh (also from England) as well as other DIPG families, who come like us for treatment. 

Apparently, 37 families come to Mexico from the 4 corners of the world to follow the treatments in Monterrey, of which 17 are here at the moment.


We are now off to the Supermarket.


June 16, 2017

We left the hospital in the middle of the afternoon, as planned. 

Mummy went looking for lizards to photograph, but she didn't see anything. Dad wanted us all to go to the supermarket to find a toy, but I turned it down because " I already have too much.." 

Tomorrow we're going to visit an apartment, I hope it'll be good because we have to leave ours on Monday...

I've been asleep a long time because I was exhausted so good night to all.

Our First Treatment In Mexico

June 15, 2017

MRI and first treatment of intra-Chemo. Fourteen hours in intensive care.

Princess Courage was out all afternoon and very tired but she's fine and she ate a little and drank a lot. Pain in the groin, and we can also expect nausea, headache and fever in the next few days, apparently quite frequent at first treatment. 

If it's all right, we should go out tomorrow around lunchtime and get some rest.

Just for today and tomorrow, it cost us 4330 € for MRI and hospital care and 9865 € for intra-chemo. 


Huge sums that we could pay only thanks to your generosity and support!


Thank you all! 

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