Mary Poppins

March 26, 2018

Disney's doing us a lot of good.


Our Princess is in her element and everyone continues to look after us. It's raining today, but we still enjoy our time.


We are good and happy.

My Castle

March 25, 2018

We found our beautiful castle.

It was with our friend Jack Sparrow that we had lunch with and that was fun.

We just got the key to our room, it feels good to rest a little.

We enjoy... we smile... we are good...

We are on our way

March 25, 2018

Super excited and planning our fancy dress for todays visits.

Off to be a Princess

March 24, 2018

Our amazing Association has raised enough money for Zoe to be a Princess at Disney. We are so excited.

Thank you for all who are behind us, follow and support us. Without you we would not be here - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our stay is over

March 13, 2018

Our stay is over. Once again we have had exceptional moments surrounded by exceptional people. People with a big heart. This beautiful country where so many little guardian angels watch over our little Zoe. This country that has welcomed our family so well. This country we love now.

We will be leaving tonight at 19 p.m. Mexican time with a first stop in Mexico city where we arrive at 20 and then a little waiting before our next flight to London Heathrow.


But first, suitcases to finish and one last day with Cordelia and her family that we intend to enjoy!

Thank you all for following us and supporting us. Your many messages warm our heart and courage to make progress in the disease. It's a wonderful feeling and without all of you, we wouldn't be here... we love you and kiss you!

Little Chicks

March 10, 2018

When you think you've seen it all in Mexico.

This afternoon Cordelia's mum Blanca brought 4 little chicks from a store to entertain Zoé.  She was very excited. She gave them names: there are Cheeky, Jake, Lily and Rosie. She did not want to hold them but enjoyed patting them which was so sweet. They were just as a good company as they were noisy and loud. But it was so nice to have them and see Zoé (and everyone) happy.


We are tired from our treatment but we remain well overall, and certainly happy (well, most of the time)... ❤️ Tomorrow is shower day though and we will not be happy for sure.


March 06, 2018

What another beautiful day with this beautiful weather that seems to give us so much energy.

Zoe wanted to go to a park, so we had a picnic. And what a beautiful picnic, and everything to make Zoe happy.

We still have energy: we have done so much in the last two days; it reminds me of last summer when we were so in shape and life seemed normal and Mexico as a simple holiday.

Our 10th treatment is later today we worry so much... think of us... pray for Zoe...


March 05, 2018

We are now in Mexico for Zoé's 10th treatment...

Not only did we have a safe journey but we certainly had a comfy journey as our good friend Sonia from Aeromexico and her lovely team managed to upgrade us once again on our flight from London to Monterrey, which means we could sleep most of the journey and well, 

Thank you so much for such a kind thought and attention Aeromexico!! 

Leaving Early

March 02, 2018

Bad weather requires us to leave early for the airport. Another trip to Mexico.

21 Months

February 22, 2018

We're back to strength in the last few days, especially in the legs, little by little. We've had a cold for two days, but it doesn't seem too worrying.

We stress a lot, often for little things, and it often turns into drama... and then a hug, we talk, we explain, we cry, time, a lot of time, and then we go back to Zoe and once again there is calm.

Zoe received a wheelchair and we were worried about her reaction. To our surprise Zoe was thrilled with " I love it" and , as suggested,  we started decorating it to personalise it a little for our Princess.

Yesterday, we had our annual clinic visit to the hospital. We went as Mary Poppins and we took the unicorn which made the task much more fun. Zoe was happy because the floor is flat there and the long corridors and so perfect for our Lily-heart . Patients and medical personnel, all wanted the same unicorn.

Our oncologist was happy with Zoe's condition. Facial paralysis almost totally gone, appetite, strength in the limbs, even if more in arms than in the legs, and more on one side than the other.

Today marks 21 months since our day of diagnosis on 22 May 2016.

Thanks to all of you, we are still here, we enjoy it, we love life! Thank you


February 15, 2018

When we left Mexico, our guardian angels, Deborah and Gignac Andre Pierre told us they would send us a surprise...

Zoe grandparents arrived. We are so excited. In the sunshine so we took advantage to get out Lily-heart, our unicorn and we had a great time in our street!

Everyone looked at us with big smiles. She was happy, and so are we. A big thank you to them both for this wonderful gift.

Zoe still lacks strength in her legs but the arrival of grandparents gave her energy and smile!!


February 09, 2018

Zoe's having a hard time recovering from her last treatment, and maybe the trip and the time shift.

She has very little strength in her legs, which prevents her from walking alone. It also had to take a little weight, which is felt in its balance. For a moment already, it is also bent as stuck in the bottom of the back or in the buttocks. She's afraid of falling down and often tense on the spot before she falls. Of course, to hear it, everything is fine.

Fortunately, we have a good appetite and we eat healthy. Hoping we can find strength quickly.

Wednesday, we tried to go back to school because every day Zoe always asks us " When am I going to go back to school?", even the weekend. Unfortunately there are too many winter viruses for Zoe to return.

Cold Winter doesn't help, we stay inside. We are watching a great deal of television right now because our activities require too much concentration and the games of society are getting too tired.

Last night was fun because Zoe and Dad made pancakes! Lemon and sugar in English for Zoe, as usual.


February 04, 2018

We continue our symbolic necklace of pearls of courage, which was set up to our visit to our UK hospital.

A kind of diary with a specific bead for every medical treatment inflicted, but nevertheless necessary.

We still miss our pearls for our pet scan and those for our 9TH INTRA-arterial chemo treatment in January and our necklace will be up to date..

Our necklace expands and expands...

It means we always fight... that we're still here...


February 04, 2018

We are extremely tired. Since we returned on Tuesday, we haven’t managed to sleep through the night and only fell asleep around 2am every night. We daddy and mummy cannot sleep either as Zoé gets very frustrated lying in bed, and impatient “I’m bored”. We sleep till very late in the morning (I’m so unused to that!!) but we still seem to be lacking in so much sleep.

Today Zoé didn’t have strength. She couldn’t stand long or walk so we carried her all day everywhere including to the toilet. Imagine carrying a 18kg “wooden log” all day. Her speech was also slurry.

Because our last treatment was less than two weeks ago, we hope we might not have fully recovered from it just yet. Travelling certainly didn’t help, especially jetlag. We also kind of fasted for three days because of our mouth ulcer, and then we had a very bad diarrohea for another day on Thursday.No wonder we feel drained…

Her appetite is back though and she’s been eating well and healthily so we really hope Zoé will perk up soon.

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