Making Everyone Smile

September 29, 2017

We woke up late this morning (8.40am) and yet it was the individual photograph in Zoé's class.   Although we were quite quick in getting ready, it took me 40 minutes to try and convince Zoé to have a hairstyle for the occasion - she had a complete meltdown just at the thought of it and wouldn't calm down. With her head going completely stiff, her mouth kept wide open with her hardly breathing... "I can't stop crying mummy... I'm the worst little girl..." She has always loveed her hair and she won't let us touch it as she is convinced she won't look pretty if her hair is done. I just waited patiently trying to cuddle and reason her at the same time. We eventually made it at school at 10.40am and we didn't miss the photograph.No doubt. There is no doubt that  Zoé is a pretty girl but this morning she looked gorgeous! 

The rest of the day went smoothly with no other incident anxietywise.. She is still not walking as well as she was in Mexico but she is still lively and friendly. She is still very happy and has all her "joie de vivre".

Tomorrow afternoon we will have another appointment with the eye specialist at the hospital. But we will take it easy in the morning and just stay at home to rest a bit as she must be tired.

Yesterday she came back home with a sticker on her cardigan. When asking her what she had done to earn it she replied "Because I made everyone smile today."

Back to School

September 25, 2017

" I can't believe I'm going to school, go fast, let's go!!"

Since we were all happy this morning we took our little Zozo to school. It was magical. Once we found her favourite school assistant, she told us to  " shoo" laughing, and that was great

She who, since the month of February was always crying to the idea of going to school, spending time without us, afraid that we touch her toys or her Princess House - Bravo Zoe!! 

Still a little cough, but it was so nice to Zoe to go back to school, go out, see the world for a few hours...
A few difficulties to walk recently, with his left foot that tends to go inside... we remain vigilant, trying not to worry too much... hoping that it is the fatigue of cold, travel... It would be so much simpler.
The appetite remains good, just like Zoe's morale that is full of energy and very enthusiastic for everything, and that is so positive!

We love you so much, and we'll always be there for you!


September 23, 2017

Zoe " Can I give you a hug?"
Mum " You're asking me if you can give me a hug?"
Zoe " Yeah, you know, I love hugs! And then that's it love!"

Say Cheese

January 23, 2020

"Life is like a camera. Focus on what is important and you will capture it perfectly."

Thank You

September 21, 2017

This morning we met the Tesco staff behind all the fundraisers last weekend for Zoé; Xin, Beth and Edward.

We realise it can be humiliating sometimes to have to "beg" for money but if we don't try, we will certainly regret it later. Plus it is so heart-warming when strangers respond positively and help us the way they have! And stop everything they were doing to meet us and spend some time with us...

Solidarity certainly is incredible and we will forever be grateful for your precious help!


Thank you!

Another little step

September 18, 2017

Back in February our friends in the Association bought Zoe a lovely Barbie house.  It was also at that time that Zoe started to suffer from OCD and it quickly became impossible to move to touch her house without Zoe having panic or anxiety.

At the time, every visitor to our home who had to make their way through this huge house, the other little toys on the carpet (same problem) and our coffee table.

Until today!!! Indeed, Zoe has not only wanted me to touch her little accessories from the house, but she also accepted (without even trying to negotiate) that I will put her house in her room with a bit of reorganisation.


Again, this would not have been possible in June before Mexico.

One step after another, one day at a time...

UK Government Petition

September 14, 2017

If you are a UK Citizen please think about signing the online petition. It is organised by Scott Lau whose daughter is currently in Mexico undergoing the same treatment as our Princess.

Did you that a classroom of innocent UK school children are dying every year to an incurable brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), but globally over 200,000 children in the last 50 years have lost their lives to this death sentence of an illness. This needs to end and a cure needs to be found.

Please sign if you can. The link can be found by clicking on the Petition picture on the left.

Thank you.

Bedtime Stories

September 12, 2017

When some fall asleep faster than others...

What was cute is that Zoe told us the story of the little bear, the one our Grandma used to tell us when we were little, and it worked very well with Auntie Karin. 


Bravo Zoe!

French Hugs

September 12, 2017

It's good to be in France with family and friends. Our little Zoe happy to see everyone again, unlike in December where she was so weak that nothing or no one was interesting.

She hugs and says " I'm too happy to be here!", " I'm too happy to see you!" ," I missed you"


It's just happiness! 

Suitcases repacked

September 10, 2017

On the road again..


And here we are again, for Chambéry this time!!  See England soon!!

It's Cold Here!

September 08, 2017

We're home safely. Arrived at home at 2pm , all very happy to be back especially Zoe!

DVD to watch for Zoe while sorting out our suitcases and then repacking to go to France for a week  to see family and friends before Sylvain resumes work.

We found the rain and the cold; after bathing suits it's socks and winter pajamas...

Chilling in the Airport Lounge

September 08, 2017

Thank you to HSBC for allowing us to use their lounge in Mexico City. It was lovely to relax between out flights back to the UK.

Homeward Bound

September 08, 2017

Suitcases packed to the brim - it is tinged with sadness to leave Monterrey but homeward bound we return to the UK and France.

Every Little Helps

September 07, 2017

Twenty seven branches of Tesco around the Southampton area are raising money for Zoe this weekend. Thank you so much.


The Daily Echo, Southampton

September 05, 2017

Thank you to the Southampton Daily Echo for running a piece on our Princess. You can read it online by clicking here.

Wonderful News

September 04, 2017

Zoé is out and we are now with her waiting for her to recover. She is crying as she still is in pain. Mummy has also been crying as daddy just saw the doctors and for the first time since we arrived they actually saw a reduction in Zoé's tumour. We haven't seen the scans ourselves as of yet but we know that there needs to be a minimum of 30% for them to use that term so fingers crossed for that to have happened!

Thank you so much for your continuous love and support everyone, it means a lot to us!

We would not have been able to be here and see those incredible positive changes without your help!


September 04, 2017

Zoe came back from her MRI. Incredibly relaxed and cheerful until we were called and we started to stress a little, obviously. Fortunately, the nurses were kind enough to have zoe sit on my lap and put her to sleep, which immediately relaxed her.

Of course we're not leaving and waiting for you to wake up, we love you too much!


September 04, 2017

Today one of our favourite nurses at the hospital was with us at the clinic for our 2nd day of light chemo and she was wonderful with us.


Tomorrow Tuesday will be our 5th IA chemo and our 4th immunotherapy, with an MRI to start with at 9am...


Please think of Zoé everyone, thank you!

Princess Courage

September 02, 2017

A day of mild-chemotherapy today. Zoe speaking at the time of the injection said, " Come on, you're gonna be brave Zozo.."


And says thank you to the nurse between two small tears..  

Bravo to our little princess courage!

At Last A Nap

September 01, 2017

A nap for an hour today - it's been a long time since Zoe has managed that - thought she tries very hard.


August 31, 2017

We had a lovely time again yesterday evening as we went to our lovely Mexican bank Adviser Ale's Chilean friends' house for dinner.

Such a sweet couple and a sweet family with two daughters, both very well brought-up. I feel particularly close to the mum Carol as she also experienced serious health issues with her younger daughter (she is now fine), and she actually managed to describe perfectly her feelings at the time, which is the way I feel now.

They all are very religious (the dad Hugo is a Pastor) and they have been praying for Zoé and our family since we met them last Sunday. Carol kindly said a little prayer especially for Zoé before we left. That was such an emotional moment as we all kept quiet as we were listening to their good wishes for us, kind of holding one another's hands, and then, for the first time ever, Zoé burst into tears. Whether Zoé actually understood the meaning of Carol’s words, or she realised we are going home soon, that just broke our hearts and we all suddenly felt so tearful.

They all seem so fond of Zoé it melts our hearts. Such love and kindness towards Zoé and us is just incredible. And it seems to be the same everywhere we go and every time we meet someone. We are so thankful.

Although we are looking forward to going back home and see our families and both our French and British friends, we can’t help but feel sad to leave Monterrey as it really turned into a lovely holiday time and location in between treatments. We know we will miss everyone here.

I believe that deep inside we are also afraid of “changes”. Indeed, whilst we managed to settle in well here in the end, we are going to have to try and settle back in the UK, with work for Sylvain and hopefully a bit of school for Zoé. That is until Zoé and Mummy come back to Mexico again mid-October for a few days, and then fly back and forth every 5-6 weeks, at least as long as the tumour is stable. We will just have to keep strong and do everything we can for Zoé and everything that needs to be done as she just deserves a better childhood/life and we love her so much.

Please pray for Zoé to remain well, and us sane.

Thank you everyone for all your continuous help and support! ❤️

Little Fishes

August 29, 2017

We have started our day early today... with more paintings/drawings. Our swimming costumes are already on as Zoé is begging us to go swimming already. Just waiting for a bit of sun to help us get in the cold water.

This afternoon will be Alyssa's birthday party by the pool and we will be joined by our extended DIPG family, which will be very nice. 

We will then have our medical follow-up at the clinic at 5.30pm and we will find out about Zoé's last scan on August 18th and subsequently what the doctors recommend us to do treatment-wise and how often.


Of course, we remain nervous. 


But so grateful we came here to Mexico, which would not have been possible without your continuous help and support! 


January 27, 2020

Our last blood sample in preparation for our last immuntherapy next  Monday went well this morning.


We were very brave with the smile and no tears!


Bravo Zoe!

Thank you

August 27, 2017

Time passes at one of these speeds, it's just amazing.

Another treatment Monday 4 September and we are going back home, to England, on  Friday 8 September.

We are starting to like it here in Monterrey. Because Zoe's fine, she's keeping herself in shape, that it is hot, enjoying the pool, that we also made a lot of friends and that we're not alone. Anyway, we feel good here all three of us in the family, with our doctors not far. Beautiful Mexica, of course. 

Of course we are also very happy to go home to England, to see our home, our friends, our little English "routine" and school for Zoe, her friends, etc.

If Zoe is in shape, we might even make an express trip to England-France to see our family and friends there, before Sylvain resumes work at the end of September.

As usual, we enjoy life and enjoy the little things. IN THE LAST 3 days, it was smoothies, swimming pool with Dad competitions, card games, dominoes, Dad's soccer game with some nice Mexican buddies, etc. Still a lot of good times and wonderful memories.

This afternoon was very special with our banker's visit here in Monterrey, and her boyfriend. Hey, yeah, touched by our story, she wanted to see us again, which, of course, was a lot of fun. They bought a nice build-a-bear bear to Zoe; all we have to do is dress it up according to our tastes. It is also accompanied by another family member  of theirs (and cakes) that they came, because they also wanted to meet and support us, and it is a wonderful afternoon that we have all been together. We will meet again very soon.

A big thank you to Annabelle's dad, Henry, for lending me his camera until the end of our stay! 

Tomorrow morning, we will go to the clinic for the last blood sample of Zoe in preparation for her last last treatments next week.

Yee Ha!

August 24, 2017

Our little cowboy..

Famous Tigers

August 22, 2017

Another big thank you to André-Pierre and his family for specially invited Zoe to the exclusive opening of one of the local zoos to see the famous " small " Tiger that children had called " Gignac ".

We love you

August 21, 2017

Today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017 marks 15 months Post-Diagnostic. A real sense of happiness and gratitude when you know that some children don't even go to the end of their radiotherapy..


Words cannot express

... that Zoe's disease has upset our lives but we remain grateful for the 456 days offered to us since and pray for even more days to come...

... that the help and solidarity that took place around Zoe have been such that they have boosted us, family and friends, that they have made us all stronger in our daily fight...

... that your generosity, as much as it was to Zoe's dreams before to fund her treatments now makes Zoe find strength and maintain herself today, for our greatest happiness...

Thank you for all your love, we love you! ❤️


August 19, 2017

We had forgotten how fun it was to make pancakes!!


August 18, 2017

Zoe recovered from yesterday's procedure much better than usual. She can't normally move the first night but today she could turn and she went to the bathroom instead of using her big nappies... and without suffering...

She slept well and she's so hungry she " Could eat the whole hospital..." 


 We wait for our breakfast with impatience!! ❤️


August 17, 2017

That's it, the surgery's over.

We just saw the doctor and he's satisfied that whilst there has been no huge reduction in size the level of intensity has decreased. It's encouraging.

Like every time, Zoe is now in intensive care for observation. She is hungry and eating her cereal right now. She's got a smile on her face, and so do we. ❤️❤️❤️

Brave ZoZo

August 17, 2017

That's it, Zoe is now in surgery for her MRI. An even more amazing little Zoe because neither stress nor tears this time, despite hunger and an hour late.

Congrats Zozo, everyone loves you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

And now we wait...


August 16, 2017

Well done Zoe, you were very brave today, especially when you see the size of the needles. We made Zoe laugh by making her believe that Dad too was getting a shot. Thanks to the nurse who played along with the game.

Back home, lunch and a little snooze. For now, we read the version of Snoopy de Mcdonalds in Spanish.

No swimming pool this afternoon because of our bandage... we are disappointed... it will be board games. Good, we love it!

See you tomorrow for the 2nd day of mild chemo at 11 pm, before the big treatment Friday at noon.

Working Day

August 15, 2017

Back to Kidzania today where Zoe became, a firewoman, a supermarket assistant, a banker, a McDonalds chef and a midwife and a surgeon. What a busy day.

A Change of Scenery

August 15, 2017

We visited the Parque Ecologico Chipinque.

That Smile

August 14, 2017

The picture says it all......

Shared Experiences

August 13, 2017

We have now recovered well since our last treatment on 1 August, and we have been in shape these last few days and felt so much better.

Our last days have been punctuated by races, activities, board games, naps (with or without sleep), swimming pool every day (excellent for Zoe who has regained her confidence) and a special morning today with other families In San Pedro.


We share our experiences today with the other families seeking treatment here.  It is a comfort to talk about our concerns, anecdotes, etc. We all understand each other so well in this fight.

Tomorrow, if everything goes well, we'll go back to Kidzania with several other families, always from our little community.

The days are well filled with great happiness! 


August 09, 2017

This morning we had our 150 ml of blood  taken(16 blood tubes ) in preparation for our next (3rd) immunotherapy on August 18th..


Fortunately, we also had little Emma, her lovely mother Marta and her Papa Micke,  the magician with us. Thanks to him, we have a new Pimpinou made in balloons.

A little difficult to wake up because in a daze, but everything went well

Good News

August 08, 2017

The meeting with the doctors went well.

No huge reductions in the size of the tumour, but some places have still decreased. They have also noted a change in colour / contrast which is apparently positive.

They were mostly very pleased with Zoe's physical symptoms like her eyes, her motor skills and so on.


Just being able to contain the tumour is a victory.

Little Miss Worry

August 07, 2017

Good day today even if zoe is still tired and this, despite a good nap.

We were all disappointed not to be able to swim (maintenance of the swimming pool), but we wouldn't have been able to do it anyway because of lightning, and then there was a storm.

So we invited Annabelle, Alyssa, Kaleigh and Carson (and their parents of course) to play and they all arrived just as we had a power cut! It was starting to get dark so we transported our pasta to Annabelle's house who had electricity and water. We have had a very good afternoon all together; they are really nice friends!

Zoe was really stressed about having guests (even her little friends) and that they could touch her toys and her Pimpins.  It ruined her afternoon to the point of giving her a headache. She was a little more relaxed once at Annabelle's, but the headache was unfortunately still there.

She was once always generous  and I can see that it her unhappy... "I worry about everything, I'm Little Miss Worry"... her illness eats at her joy to live, against which we can't do anything and to which we must unfortunately adapt.


August 06, 2017

It was lovely to be able to chill a bit in the swimming in the morning, especially as we normally go in the afternoon.


We then had what we call a "fake" nap as we were too excited to sleep.


Excited because we knew we were going to go to Chuck e Cheese to celebrate our good friend Julia's birthday there, along with our other friends .

We all felt privileged Julia wanted to celebrate her birthday with us...

Enjoying Every Little Moment

August 05, 2017

Bright colours for a bright and lovely day! We're off to the pool!


August 05, 2017

At our first meeting at André-Pierre's training...


"Would you like to come to one of my games Zoe?"
Zoe: " Yes..."
André-Pierre: "And what would you like? Would you like me to score?"
Zoe: "A coke"


And André-Pierre did it!

A big thank-you to him and his family for taking us "Under their wings" once again and generously inviting us to his game!

Dad was thrilled to be able to see this game with this beautiful atmosphere (fans sang nonstop!)
Olives, Parma ham, Coke and friends to play with - Zoe was over the moon.
With everyone being happy, mummy was also very much contented.

Another beautiful day.

Come on Tigers!

El Norte

August 03, 2017

Thank you to the newspaper El Norte for their time and wonderful pictures of us.

Already A Week Ago...

August 02, 2017

We can't believe that it has been a week that we met.

Friends Together

August 02, 2017

Just like us, my friend Kaleigh from England was also receiving a treatment so we ended up recovering next to each other before being sent to our respective rooms. Today, she was very sweet and made a butterfly in origami for me.

There were also lots of other DIPG families in for treatment yesterday and today. There were Annabelle from Australia, also Julianna/Cameron/Lucas from the US, Andrea from Italy and Emma from Sweden. All here for the same reasons and with same hopes.


August 01, 2017

We're all back home.


Everything went well, but we slept badly last night because of our bandages and wires being attached. 

Back Out

July 31, 2017

We cried a lot, we were very scared, we were very upset........

" I'm scared... I'm sick of this hospital... they look after me  all wrong... I'm scared... I'm tired of this holiday, it sucks... I prefer England... I'm afraid..."

Luckily, we were also hungry and Zoe ate her cereal very well. We find our morale little by little with the help of a DVD and big cuddles.

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