It's no longer us who decide for Zoé, it's Zoé...

June 09, 2019

Three weeks we have been at Naomi House. This situation in which we are in and the terrible end we know. This non-stop situation where you really want to extend our "stay" would be unreasonable while Zoé's state continues to deteriorate little by little. As it would be just as insane as being able / wanting to consider shortening it while we don't want to separate from Zoé. Once again, it's no longer us who decide for Zoé, it's Zoé herself who has control. Always hoping that our Princess is not suffering. Hoping for us that she will leave the most simply / peacefully possible while we are well aware that every step, every hard blow, every image at this stage of the disease will remain forever engraved in our memories.

A big thank you to all of you who follow us, support and love our little Zoé ❤️.


June 08, 2019

Zoé is still here. Faithful to herself, she clings to our little warrior, the time she wants. I told her and explained several times that she could fall asleep quietly, she will choose her moment.

We parents and grandparents live in constant fear as we observe at the length of the day the breathing of zoé and we worry about every little change. These little noises of throat, of the chest that Zoé, the colours on her face or not.

Already twice that Zoe misses choking with her face that becomes blue as she vomits / cough and stops breathing.  While Zoé always seems to fight, trying to want to keep her hydrated seems to us all natural to us parents and in no case a form of "relentless". in early afternoon, the traces of a possible bleeding being gone, we have attempted to restart  fruity water at the rhythm of 5 ml per hour and Zoé seems to tolerate them while the pump is still working. We know this will not save out Princess but feel that it gives her some comfort. 

A huge thank you to all for your messages and comments of affection and support. 💕


June 04, 2019

Zoé who will have slept again all day and even more than yesterday.

We have not only stopped our anticoagulant against a risk of stroke but also our medicine to protect the stomach while the first one involved having to take the second and that Zoé does not now seem to tolerate either one. Every problem in its time, one problem at a time. The problems that are multiplying nevertheless..

This morning, Zoe had a massage by a volunteer here at Naomi House, followed by the visit of Baz another therapeutic dog, a good bed bath and a nice manicure and pedicure. We will also have been able to create more memories with small creations and finger prints of our Princess.

Tonight, its fruity water does not pass again and will have made us sick. Our stomach that makes us suffer since and give us cramps, an additional dose of morphine administered at 00 h24.. and so the need to re-evaluate our daily dose in the early morning..


Tonight Zoé is breathing very hard. Prayers for our little Zoé please.. 🙏🏻💖

Our days are not easy

June 03, 2019

This morning, like last night, Zoé's left eye was still not reacting and all day: she would have lost the use of her eye according to our doctor. 😢 Hearing will be the last thing that will remain, always according to our doctor: reassuring, certainly not, but to us to take advantage of her to talk to her by paying attention to what we say in her presence.

The visit of family support and one of these other extremely painful conversations around the moment Zoé will choose to leave (that she may want to leave in our company, take advantage that we will take a few moments, which she may wait for or we give her our agreement to leave, etc. ). Yes, nothing in my books on this subject - simply the fact of life - and just impossible to hold my tears while I wasn't "prepared" to such a morning conversation.


We are aware of always living the "best of the worst" as I often say..

And an extra dose of morphine at 22 pm tonight while Zoé still hadn't found sleep and seemed to have hurt somewhere without her being able to tell us where.

In short, our days are not easy emotionally.


June 01, 2019

Zoe completely asleep. Last night, impossible to eat after his medication, we had to wait 4 and a half hours so that she could absorb her few millilitres of fruity water. Even as weakened, it is impossible for us not to continue to want to protect her and see her suffer as much as possible. It is therefore all natural that we ask to multiply the tests to try to hydrate it a maximum. The hospital team who are kind and  helpful will do it gladly but warn us " there will come a moment where Zoé will no longer be able to tolerate anything." Knowledge is something, hearing it said is another.. 😔

Thank you all for your cards, thank you to you friends, classmates of Zoé, her teachers and supporters, it's really nice. We kiss you all 💕



May 31, 2019

Asleep all day in the same position, a few flickers of the eyes tonight, otherwise no other reaction..
Our breathing between 12 and 20 beats per minute. Our problem of food or rather hydration that intensifies while administering a few millilitres.

Our Princess who doesn't seem to suffer and stay soothed, and always look like a doll.. 💕

Two years ago today we received confirmation that Zoe was accepted in Mexico. Two years already, and then two years which have seem an eternity.

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