September 28, 2018

In Mexico city. We're waiting for our next and last flight at 6, it's a long wait, but it's okay


September 27, 2018

We're leaving tonight for Mexico, only Zoe with Mum. MRI Tuesday and treatment Wednesday. We always get that much, if it's not. Our heart is a little tight but no choice. We remain aware of how lucky we are to be able to stay in and with our little Mexican family and see all these people and friends.

And of course, as usual, today that we should get up and activate, our princess always sleeps with closed fists on her new pillow... here our princess showing her beautiful pajamas! 😊❤️


September 22, 2018

At School... " You know what I did to you, I made you a beautiful smile in the picture!" 🙏💞 too excited to see this!!

Finally home just after 2pm and Zoe will still be holding up this afternoon. We keep writing our story "little bear made a bad dream"...


September 22, 2018

Today remains a special day (at all points of view...) as we "celebrate" 28 months of our new life since Zoe's diagnosis! ❤️

Rest Up

September 16, 2018

This morning, Zoe is not in shape. Cold start last night, fever all night, and wake up at 9 this morning (7-8 hours normally), always feverish and grumpy because woozy. Zoe even asked to stay in bed and sleep again... today, it was our check up with our dentist and our physio, which we had already had to cancel while we were abroad...

It's a shame because it's been a week since Zoe has  asked to watch TV / her DVDs as usual, and on the contrary wanted to play and "Mexplorer" as she says. Very Active, she moved around the living room in the kitchen, from one toy trunk to another, which we hadn't seen in months, and that was like magic to see her do!

Today, it will be a complete rest and hope to recover quickly! 🙏❤️

Scary Spiders

September 14, 2018

Funny but also jokey, that's our Zoe... 😜


September 12, 2018

She did it!


We took Zoé to school this morning and were shown around the new buildings as she is now in the big school. Zoe was not the only one smiling, all the staff and her former classmates and friends also smiled as they saw her entering every class and that certainly warmed our hearts! 💝

PS. She asked us twice when we were leaving... 😂


September 11, 2018

Tonight, I couldn't help but smile by going to buy school uniform, because if everything goes well, Zoe will go to school tomorrow, for her greatest pleasure and so ours! Body shirt, tights, short sleeves blouse, long sleeve blouse, vest and dress, size 6-7 years, I had to buy everything back because our chip grew (1,10 m) and fat (18,5 kg). If I usually avoid the supermarket, there it made me a crazy fool to be able to buy all this for Zoe, she who is so excited to go back to school! ❤️

" Can I stay in school all day?" We are not there yet but hopefully she will be able to go, and the school will call us when she gets tired. 🙏

This afternoon, we had our routine clinical visit between two treatments and our oncologist was pleasantly surprised to see Zoe in shape. She's still having trouble walking, but for a few days she doesn't want to sit down and "explore" in search of her toys or this afternoon of the hospital toys... we don't stop him anymore... 💪🙏💝

Let's cross the fingers for tomorrow! ❤️️


September 10, 2018

Back in the UK!! 🇬🇧❤️

Champagne Bubbles

September 08, 2018

We have a good week in Chambéry, at our pace. We enjoy seeing family and friends again, for our greatest pleasure, thank you all for your warm welcome. Of course, we'd like to see everyone, but we only go out in the afternoon, which considerably reduces visits.

Yesterday, Zoe will have tasted the champagne for the first time and this picture speaks for itself. Smiles that make us happy! ❤️


September 08, 2018

We still don't sleep...An evening quote

" Everyone loves you my little doll.."
" I know, I'm a celebrity..." 😂😊


On The Road Again

September 01, 2018

At the airport on our way to see our families and more friends! ❤️️

Go Gold

August 31, 2018

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness.
Gold is for children with cancer.
Grey is for brain cancer.
Tell someone about DIPG tomorrow and every day of September.


August 29, 2018

We've landed well. The trip went well, Zoe slept all along. Help and lots of smiles from Aeromexico Mexico teams (thanks Martha Estrella Sau! ) and aeromexico uk from Monterrey to London with a welcome everywhere worthy of a queen!


Back Home

August 28, 2018

Today we were still tired.

And tomorrow we will take the plane to Mexico city and another to arrive in London.We continue packing our luggage and it weighs heavy 3 months away from home ...

Zoe's happy to go home to find her toys and go back to school, so much better. Hoping she'll be sufficiently fit to go back. But before, always if his health allows, we will go to France for a little week to see everyone.

A big thank you once again to Mexico, to all medical staff who will take care of Zoe, to all our Mexican friends for their warm welcome, their generosity, to our DIPG friends, to Deborah and André-Pierre for their kindness. All of them really for making our treatments of nice holidays loaded with memories. 

And thank you all for following us and supporting us! ❤️


August 22, 2018

We've been back to the apartment since noon. Zoe's very tired. Two-three micro naps this afternoon and we're gone for the night (17 pm), finally until we're hungry maybe.

Another Angel

August 22, 2018

We first learned when we woke up that another one of our little friends had gone off last night... of 11 children children we know missing in 11 weeks since we arrived here in Mexico. 11 lives stolen. 11 broken families. 11 more angels. 11 too much. 😢

And despite this terrible news, we had to overcome the shock and our fear to go to the hospital for a 14th intra-blood chemo treatment for Zoe... 🙏

In the same hospital as usual, this time without Annabelle..., without Sandy or, Henry or Alyssa... " so they took Annabelle with them?" 😢

Zoe will still be very brave and surprisingly won't show any signs of fear. 💪 

We of course put our decorations back to the walls because a princess remains a princess... 👰

And Zoe wears the night shirt with the stars and not the one with the dinosaurs: our nurses know our princess well... 🙏

And even Pimpinou wears a hospital bracelet... thanks to our nurses! 💪

And also hundreds of support messages for our wonderful princess and family! Thank you all! ❤️

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ today marks also 27 months since the discovery of our tumor on may 22, 2016... thank you life! ❤❤️❤️❤️❤️

A Little Grumpy

August 21, 2018

Zoe's out of the O.R.. A little grumpy the first half hour but we're better because we have Cordelia's company, we eat raw ham and we already want to write, and that's good sign!

Another big thank you for all your support messages and prayers, very important for us!! ❤️

Thank You

August 20, 2018

❤️ A big thank you to all for all your support messages!! ❤️

We're finally back, the results tonight or tomorrow morning, we'll keep you informed. Hoping the results will be good or at least stable... 🙏🙏🙏



August 20, 2018

Today, we friends of Monterrey were all a little sad following our friends Sandy, Henry and Alyssa. 16 months here is not nothing, and so many special moments spent together...

A difficult week start after a rather festive weekend in excellent company, while tomorrow Zoe will pass an nth MRI, and Wednesday she will receive her 14th treatment of intra-blood chemotherapy. Of course we will, certainly as much as previous times, or even more with time.

Tonight, she's also worried and asked me how many treatments left to do... and clearly says she'd rather be me and not her. Well yes, me too... she also asked me why, according to her own words, I left her alone every time the nurses worked on her, why I always went in a different room... how can she Knowing when I'm still waiting for her to be completely asleep before kissing her, telling her I love her, giving her a little caress, asking the nurses to wake up well with her Rabbit, and leave.


August 20, 2018

"Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous" I read somewhere... 
One of Zoé's dreams was to swim at night. And tonight that is what we did. She was happy and so we were. ❤️

Mexican Hills

August 16, 2018

Tonight we took advantage of the beautiful days to go picnic under the nice Mexican flag, it was good and the view so beautiful! ❤️


August 11, 2018

I see you happy and my heart smiles again! ❤️

Farewell Annabelle

September 10, 2018

It was such a sad day for all of us as our dear friend Annabelle lost her DIGP fight. If time has stopped for us parents these last few days Zoe doesn't doubt anything and continues her little innocent chatter , too funny but sometimes moving too.


August 05, 2018

And also a nice drawing today... with the help of "Bee Easy to draw" on Google 😉


August 05, 2018

Today, it was less hot and so we went to explore the side of the market and it was really nice. Beautiful colours and a lovely atmosphere!

I always wanted a portrait for Zoe and a caricature for me, and for 3,50 € both, it would have been a shame to deny it, especially when you see Zoe's smile in front of her Disney Portrait! ❤️ Zoe told me I look like a grandma and she's definitely right, but it's totally fine with me, it could have been worse for a caricature.

There's Beauty Coming Daddy

August 02, 2018

And when we're not too anxious..., after a few reassuring words..., we agree to get hair done in the last few mornings, even if we have to sit in front of a mirror and we know exactly what we want, to the hair Close because nothing must exceed... certainly, it takes a little more time, often with frustration... and then of course tears too, but what is worth it! And when we're finally ready... " Attention dad, there's beauty coming!"

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